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I Finally Did It

By Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

I hired a nanny.  Only 2 days/week, and not all day, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna change my life.

“You need help” my mom said.  And in the kindest of ways.  The kind of way that affirmed my suspicions that if I didn’t soon get some help, at least part time, that I just very well may lose my ever-loving mind.

I feel silly really.  I mean, I’m a stay at home mom, I should be able to handle this.  But this season of life is proving more packed with “to-do’s” than the past few years combined.  Hank’s tour schedule is out. of. control.  The new house is requiring more than I ever imagined, and I just can’t seem to get caught up.  Two littles in diapers definitely doesn’t help…

I didn’t even do anything for my husband for his birthday.  I. KNOW. 

But I did write this post about him last year as well as throw him a huge party so that counts for this year too, right? He’s incredible, and that hasn’t changed in a year.

It’s the reason that blog posts have been a bit sparse.  I have SO many things I want to research, learn, and write about and I just simply can’t do it all.  I’ve been going to bed around 12 or 1am, and getting up at 6.  I’ve not worked out in months.  And we’ve eaten frozen organic pizza and burritos for dinner more nights than I’d like to admit, which pretty much makes me a hypocrite.

This is part of me learning to recognize when I need help, and to accept it rather than trying to muscle through when it’s not healthy/possible.

Anyhow, it’s probably just for the short-term.  Especially considering that when you look at our budget it’s not an obvious “oh, yeah, we can spare the expense, no problem!”.  I’m going to be trimming my grocery budget, setting the heat a bit cooler, and some other things to make having some help do-able.

Plus, you can’t put a price on sanity….and showering.

In other news, Nashville is beautiful.


So, I am telling you all this so that you understand how much I care about this blog.  I haven’t felt that I was able to give anything in my life the best of me.  Everything was getting a “mediocre” me and I really hate that.

I wasn’t sleeping as much as I should, yesterday I didn’t have time to eat until about 3pm, I’m not able to play with my kids like I would like, I am barely keeping my family in clean underwear.  I sat down to pay bills at 6am this morning only to realize that 2 of them were already late, just because I haven’t had the time to do them!

So anyhow, for the next few months or so, I’m pinching some pennies in other areas in order to pay this sweet girl who is helping me with my babies.  You may also see some ads pop up on the sidebar as a way to off-set these costs as well.  I hope you don’t mind.  That is, if I can figure how to set that all up…I’m ridiculously bad at the technological side of things.

Oh, and I’m about 4 weeks behind on responding to email questions so if you’re waiting on a response – it’s coming!  Sorry for the delay!

Anyhow, I’m really excited about the future here!  And I haven’t forgotten about my last day of my Gratitude Challenge – it’s coming!

live well. be well.

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