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I Dream of Africa

By Flemmingbo

Elephants wandering in large slow movements across the savannah. Giraffes striding majestically towering above the flat top trees. Lions on the prey hoping to fill an empty stomach. Wildebeest in herds of thousands resembling prehistoric creatures of fantasy tales. Antelopes skipping across the scene as if gravity mattered not. Masai people protecting their village and cattle. Sweeping deserts of the Sahara where the world consists solely of sand. And last but not least, the voice of David Attenborough educating me as I sit eyes wide open as a child watching nature documentaries on TV. These are my earliest memories of Africa, the continent I have always felt strangely drawn to as if it was my origin, my home. Life originated in Africa perhaps part reason why it has that indefinable attraction. A continent of extreme beauty, raw emotions, of extreme contrast, of extreme hardship.


Deserts and sand dunes of Namibia. Notice the size of the dune versus the oryx and trees.

I dream of Africa. It is the continent I most want to explore and experience, the continent that holds the greatest excitement for me. I have so far only managed two visits: Kenya in 1996, my first trip outside Europe, captured on a 35mm point and shoot. Namibia in 2009, a fantastic trip to visit friends in the country of sand and deserts. I wish to do so much more in Africa. I do not wish to just hit one country for a few weeks and go back. If there will be any kind of Part III to my nomadic adventure it will unfold in Africa. I long to go back. Once burned by the African sun you are forever drawn to return. I dream of a true African expedition across countries capturing people, wildlife and landscapes.

The timing, the planning and the energy must be right. Africa is not at all easy. I may do parts of it with friends and fellow photographers and I wish to work along the way for the NGOs I am in contact with. My dreams possibly also needs scaling down and to be lived in several parts, a saga if you will. It must be done right, it is too important for me to just get a plane ticket and land tired, spent and unprepared. It requires a drive and energy that I must built up by now settling down for a spell. I must wait for the right time and the time is not now. I shall not stop dreaming though.


Wildebeest captured in Kenya in 1996, I knew nothing of photography.  

I dream of Africa. It will have to stay a dream. For now.


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