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I Don’t Regret Having My Abortion

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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pregnancy test – negative (Photo credit: Konstantin Lazorkin)


I had missed a period, was feeling sick all the time and exhausted, but, I would not believe I was pregnant! I was 18 single living at home with a part time job and spent all my money on drink and fags, pregnant not me.

The nurse looked at the test and smiled at me “Someone in there is waving hello!” I burst in to tears and her face hit the floor. “Not planned then! Do you want to keep the test?” I walked out without saying a word. I told my mom and she went CRAZY she had my brother at 16 and had always said, don’t get pregnant young. I told her calmly, I can’t keep it, I have nothing to offer a baby I’m going to have a termination.

I Don’t Regret Having My Abortion

Its sounds easy when I put it like that, but I cried a river and went through all the other options, if I stayed pregnant I would be a single mom living in this dump of a town with nothing to offer the child. I couldn’t carry a baby for nine months and give it away so this was the only option I had left.

At the scan the midwife asked me if I wanted to see my baby, I said no, what was the point it would just cause me more pain. “It’s the only time you will see it alive!” she snarled at me, I looked. Another break in my heart.

Two days later I arrived for my medical termination, I had a pill put behind my cervix which caused me to dilate and effectively have a miscarriage. It was painful I felt sick, I vomited, I hyperventilated, I had a panic attack I pushed and I knew it was over. Don’t look my mom said, but I did.

A few weeks later I went on a blind date, 9 years on I am married to my blind date and have two amazing children I adore. I don’t regret my abortion; What I regret is getting pregnant in the first place and putting myself in such a stupid position. My life wouldn’t be what it is now if I had continued with my pregnancy.

This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is a member of my Facebook mums group. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me.

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