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I Don’t Agree With Babies Being Put Into A Crèche

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100952621 I Dont Agree With Babies Being Put Into A Crèche


A mum explains why she quit her job and prefers being a stay at home mum. She does not agree with babies being put into a crèche and believes its important for mums to stay at home with their babies.

I worked from age of 15; I was doing all sorts of different jobs from waitressing, working on zoo fun fair to working at Argos and as a glass collector. I had also done a health and social course when leaving school as well as a hairdressing course when my baby was born

I don’t work now and haven’t done since being 4 months pregnant and the reason for leaving work was that I was employed in a busy club and carrying glasses around the thought that people knocking into me all night made me fear my unborn baby.

I think being a stay at home mum is important as you don’t miss out on your baby growing up, those all-important first smiles, first words and first steps.

I have done placements in nurseries and seen the effect of mothers putting their baby into crèche 6am till 6pm and the baby starts calling someone else mommy. That’s not for me, I want to be there for my child, not expect someone else to raise them for me just so I can go out to work. I think the whole reason you have a baby is to look after it not go out to work and leave it with someone else.

I did plan getting a job when my little one started school, but I will be due my second baby then, so that’s on hold for quite a bit longer. It’s important for mums to be home with their children. Being on benefits isn’t that bad you can only afford things with the money you have, so you make it last, have the odd treat as and when possible and I don’t think kids miss out on things, just because they have a stay at home mum.

The stigma of mums on benefits is really bad, it does not mean that we are lazy or do not want to work, we do not sponge off people that do work. Being a stay at home mum means we get to see our babies all important first few years of life.


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