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I'd Like to Comment Generally on the Claim Tha...

By Holli
I'd like to comment generally on the claim that Holli's Jamestown article basically sucked (my term) because it was one sided, biased and thus lacked balance. I know this sounds reasonable at first, but the reality is that a good article or essay needs to stick to a coherent theme or pov so trying to make it balanced almost always makes it fuzzy and unfocused and thus a poorer read. Instead of demanding that all articles be internally balanced why not accept that some will be written from one POV and some from another and so the reader can read several and come up with her own balance? It took me a long time (of trying to write balanced articles!) to figure this out. Look at movies and documentaries for eg--the good ones, the ones with impact, always take a POV and stick to it. I think it may be in the nature of narrative.

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