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I Couldn’t Put Down Daniel Silva’s The Kill Artist

By Djrelat7 @djrelat7
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Looking for your next #Spy #Thriller Novel? Daniel Silva has just what the Librarian ordered. Check out my review on The Kill Artist - My Pocketful of Thoughts

My friend Leslie gave me The Kill Artist, written by Daniel Silva, to read a few months ago. She said it was a fast paced spy book thriller. If I liked it, there were plenty more in the series to read. It’s great when you have friends who share the same taste in books. Leslie was right, I couldn’t put The Kill Artist down! Read on to find my review of the book and an excerpt!

Daniel Silva’s The Killer Artist is a page turner!

In a previous life I thought of becoming an FBI agent. When the thought occurred to me, I wasn’t in the best of physical shape, so I turned to living vicariously through the characters on TV, like CIA agent Annie Walker of USA’s Covert Affairs. I didn’t see myself as Gabriel Allion, the former Israeli Intelligence Operative, who restores famous artwork for a living. However, I could sympathize with his character after reading the explosive prologue. Daniel gives us just enough detail to intrigue us to read further. Daniel Silva slowly peels back the layers of Gabriel’s mystique leaving us wanting to give him a hug as we read the last words of the novel.

I pretended that I was Jacqueline. I would do what she did for the man I love!

Here’s an excerpt from Daniel Silva’s The Killer Artist.



She had left the car on the street just outside the restaurant, a dark blue Mercedes sedan, Vienna registration, leased by a small chemical company in Bern. He placed the boy in the backseat, buckled his safety belt, kissed his wife.

“If I’m not there by six o’clock, something has gone wrong. You remember what to do?”

“Go to the airport, give them the password and the clearance number, and they’ll take care of us.”

“Six o’clock,” he repeated. “If I don’t walk through the door by six o’clock, go straight to the airport. Leave the car in the parking lot and throw away the keys. Do you understand me?”

She nodded. ” Just be home by six.”

The restorer closed the door, gave a terse wave through the glass, and started to walk away, In front of him, floating over the rooftops of the old city, was the spire of the cathedral, ablaze with light. One more night, he thought.  Then home for a few weeks until the next job.

Behind him he heard the starter of the Mercedes engage, then hesitate, like a record album being played at the wrong speed. The restorer stopped walking and spun around.

“No!’ he screamed, but she turned the key again.

Didn’t that excerpt just SUCK YOU IN? Can you hear the turn of the key, the ignition switch trying to catch and nothing? Can you feel the heat as the car explodes. Do you feel the loss with Gabriel? Are you running along with him as he realizes his wife and child are in a burning inferno? Daniel Silva takes a scene and you can see it playing out in your mind. This is all in the first few pages of the book, so can you imagine what the rest is like?

If I peaked your interest pick The Kill Artist up on Amazon!


What book are you reading? Have you read a Daniel Silva novel?

Until then,



*Disclosure: I have not been compensated to write a review on Daniel Silva’s The Kill Artist. I enjoyed the book and thought you might also. If you purchase the book through the Amazon link above I will receive a tiny percentage of the sale which will go towards the upkeep costs of My Pocketful of Thoughts. YAY


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