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I Could Be a Woman

By Dmroughton
It has occurred to me that maybe I should have been born a woman. It has been pointed out that I have a lot of characteristics of a good mom. (And thank you all very much for noticing. I consider that the biggest compliment I can get.)
Plus, I know I would be an excellent lesbian, though possibly a lonely one, since I'm not sure how many women are looking for a female life partner who is 6'5" 260 with thinning hair.
Then there is the fact that Connor might not exist if I had to go through childbirth. True, I would have a magical, expanding vagina during labor, but that does little to assuage my concerns over the pain involved. One time while working construction, I smashed the end of my thumb off with a hammer. That pain lasted nowhere near 18 hours and was localized to one little digit, and I still about peed my pants from it!
But we can still theorize about it, so let's see just how hot I could potentially be as a woman:
I Could Be a Woman
And that ladies, is exactly how unattractive you are with the duck face. 
Have a great day!
Addendum: Place your finger over the face. Now remove it.

Beer goggles on! Beer goggles off!

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