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I Am Writing This Because Every Now & Again Somebody Will Say Something Unthoughtful and Biased...

By Abigailhutton @AbigailHutton_

I am writing this because every now & again somebody will say something unthoughtful and biased to me with regards to Art & Design students.

One of my friends joked that I am studying for a degree in button sewing, which I laughed at.. I can take a joke! I haven’t even touched a needle throughout my time at University. However, when another friend suggests that I spend half the day sat merrily painting pretty pictures with no care in the world and the other half of the day chilling back in my flat, my defensive side kicks in (no matter how light hearted a comment it may be). These are only two examples amongst others over the last two years and they aren’t the worst either.

I am writing this because every now & again somebody will say something unthoughtful and biased...

University project, Water color design 2011

The reason I feel defensive of this is because design students get a rough time of this regularly. Some ‘academics’ often look down at creative people because they are apparently studying a course that is thought of as an easy ride or “not a real course”.
There are plenty of kids who are choosing their design course for the wrong reasons, but this is no different to academic kids. I know of plenty of people who have only done a degree in Business or whatever it may be, because they realised all their friends were preparing to move away and didn’t want to stay living at Mum & Dads.

All the way through first and second year I have gone into the University Textile studio almost every single day and generally worked in there 9am-5pm. During one paticular project I spent a number of days in there 8am-7.30pm, working my little arse off with just a 5 minute break for lunch.
I am not the only student to work as hard as this, and it requires a lot more than simply whacking out a picture.

I could have tried to make a career in Textile design without any further education, however I strongly believe that going to University was the right choice for myself. The tutors of Textiles at the Manchester School of Art have given myself and other students a structure to work from, which I couldn’t have done by myself. There are techniques, styles and general design expertise that I have picked up while being on the course.

I am writing this because every now & again somebody will say something unthoughtful and biased...

(One of my 8am-7.30pm University paintings. Painted LIFE SIZE. This beast of a painting is as tall as me) 2012

It takes a different type of intellegence to produce a piece of art or design than that of an accountant or a solicitor, but it is an intellegence that they will never understand unless they are one of the few who are both creative & academic. 

My friends may read this, I don’t know.. But I want them and other people of similar opinions to think again when making such remarks. Firstly, because they are being unfair. Being creative is such an amazing talent to have and makes life exciting as you have confidence to take risks in your work, you have to have a backbone of steel, and it’s quite a mysterious talent to have in some ways as fashion in apparel & interiors is constantly changing. Secondly, I need all the encouragement I can get. Knowing that my friends believe in me and my future will give me the extra boost in preparation for my final year at University.

I am writing this because every now & again somebody will say something unthoughtful and biased...

Advert campaign by Mercedes-Benz

So to all you people with the creative, colourful & energetic brains, next time somebody attempts to put you down at what course you’re studying, or what your job is.. remind them that almost everything around them was designed and made by people such as us. Designers & Artists.
Remind them that they spend their wages on fashion, interiors, art etc… why? Because they loved it! Why did they love it? Because it caught their attention & made them go “ooo I like that!”… Before they know it they’ve gone into the shop and bought it. Boom.

Big love to my two friends mentioned, who are going to kill me for this when they next see me. 

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