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I Am My Own Fan

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Cocktail Attire
Husband: Would you say you are a fan of Patriots or Redskins (re: American Football)?
Me: �打
Husband: Are you a fan of me then?
Me: Currently I am only fanning myself. You know, I have had this voice in my head for the last 30 years telling me my body isn’t thin enough. When I got thin then my body wasn’t fit enough. My hair has never been thick enough. When I am in the west my skin isn’t brown enough. When I am home my skin isn’t fair enough. I am not smart enough, I am not ambitious enough, I am not good enough.
Agrh! I have had enough! I have to tell that voice, “
Bitch sit down!” - I am enough. I am gonna love myself head-to-toe exactly the way I am without making any changes. I have lived half of my life already and I am gonna spend remaining of my life loving myself, because I am enough. And to answer your question, I am my own fan.
Husband: That was not my question. But cool. Cool.

... and that ladies and gentleman is what sometimes talking to me is like ... you could have asked a perfectly innocent question but it will instigate a passionate-heartfelt albeit a deferred response from me. Watchya gonna do? This is how my brain works. I can't change it. :) 

As for the outfits, husband and I had attended a wedding a few weekends back and the dress-code was cocktail attire. This is what we came up for it. 

Cocktail Attire
Cocktail Attire
Cocktail Attire
Cocktail Attire
Cocktail Attire
Location - Dupont Circle Hotel Dress | Shoes | Bag

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