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Hygge in Your Home

By Cleskowitz @cleskowitz

Hygge in your Home

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Hygge(Hue gah) The Danish concept of wellbeing is created when enjoying good food and drink with friends and family in a warm, welcoming, cozy space.  It is more of a feeling, a mood, rather than a specific set of circumstances.  The simple chic of a fuss free environment that is well organized and designed for maximum comfort is the hallmark of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.  We could take a page out of the Scandanavian playbook.

Hygge in your Home

Melanie Turner

There is a reason why Nordic people are considered the happiest people on earth even in the face of harsh winters, much of which is spent in darkness.  G-d that sounds bleak!
Hygge in your Home

There was a banishing of ornate interiors, unlike Europeans, the Scandinavian people take a more practical "less is more'' approach.  Clean lines with a sophisticated appeal, functionality and creating intimacy are priorities.  Accessories or accent pieces are kept to a minimum, but they must have weight or substance.  The Nords understand that clutter must be kept at bay and possessions should serve you in some way.

Hygge in your Home

Jeffery Alan Marks

If you want to add a little hygge to your home, here's how ~
Add candlesAdd textureMake sure each room is a sanctuaryKeep it simple, its not about excess
Hygge in your Home

Higgle is about a quality of life.  It feels like a warm hug and smells like cocoa.

Hygge in your Home

Rob Mills

Hygge in your Home

                                                              Jonas Ingerstedt

Hygge is a mindfulness; living each day well, slowing down, enjoying the ride, being present, having a cup of tea, having close connections.  Scandinavian people really know how to embrace Living Beauty-FULLY, plus they do have the added benefit the amazing Aurora Borealis.
Now if you'll excuse me, I must rush out a buy a sheepskin!

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