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Hustle and Flow

By Cleskowitz @cleskowitz
Hustle and Flow
I interrupt my Kips Bay Palm Beach coverage because it is the 1st Monday of a new month and that's when I write my wellness/coaching post.
Talk of wellness is taking over; wellness, mindfulness, awareness, balance, whatever word you use to encapsulate this on going conversation.  With that in mind, I have spent much time thinking about what FLOW looks like for me (and maybe you too).
Hustle and Flow
I needed to take a step back.  Things were feeling a bit overwhelming.  We all get into patterns where we are doing too much, taking on too much, life is too much.  When this happens, I know I need to become still, go inward, spend time alone getting quiet and just slow the merry go round of thoughts and activities down, but since I am also someone who loves to be productive and creative, and too much down time makes me crazy!
When we feel overwhelmed or at a crossroads, getting still and refocusing brings us back to our purpose or our essential self.  Life is fluid.  Something may change in the blink of an eye that makes us question our wants, needs or goals.
Hustle and Flow
I found myself working harder and getting less satisfaction.  I wanted ease.  I needed ease!  I am setting an intention to listen more and react less.  If something feels easy, I am going with it.  If something feels hard, I will walk away (or evaluate).  It is pretty simple.  I am changing the way I am working.  I set my intention, I am working towards the goal, but also allowing the universe to guide me in the right direction.  In the non attachment you find freedom.  There may a path you haven't considered or a round about way to get to where you're going, but you were so set on the 1 way you saw it that none of the other possibilities that may have also been a plausible path toward your goal could be considered.   When you allow yourself to be guided, you see a sign and you understand that is exactly what it is; a sign ~ don't think too much, run with it.
Hustle and Flow
I spent years trying to control my destiny.  Guess what!  It doesn't work that way.  I am giving up.  I am releasing myself from the stress and disappointment I felt when something did not go the way I wanted it to.
Hustle towards what you want, but give up any expectation of getting it and you just may.

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