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Hurricane Irene-North Carolina 8/26/11 Part III

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita
Morning! I awoke to the sound of the big Bradford Pear tree in my front yard trying to get into my bedroom. Power has been off and on. Little rain and lots of wind. It's 9:52am on Saturday and Irene made landfall this morning in Carteret County, NC. So far they are saying little damage at the coast. We all suspected this might be a non-event for NC but you have to admit watching news reporters cover the hurricane on the beach is pretty funny. They have all this air time but not much to report so they might as well interview the crabs scurrying around in the background. More updates later...Oh, isn't funny that as soon as the power goes out we have the crazy desire to get in the car and drive around? Cheers!

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