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Hurdle's New Deal

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Almost that time again. Spring, Bradenton, baseball, hopes, dreams, and the people who cant let payroll numbers go (let it go guys, just let it go). This is the last year of Clint Hurdles contract, not counting the option year that is available. Should the pirates extend a new offer in spring? I definitely think that he should get a contract extension. 3 more years with a team option for the 4th sounds reasonable. I'm not sure why the pirates haven't extended him yet. At this moment he is still the best person to lead this team as it is. 3 years from now, some players contracts are up, guys are being traded, new guys are coming up, we will see. Most "experts" are expecting the pirates to take a step back this year. I dont think that Hurdles enthusiasm and message are stale in that clubhouse yet, and i expect another great year this year, but i definitely think the pirates need to send the message that this is our guy, lets go get it again this year.

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