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Hungarian Lecsó

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
I usually do my grocery shopping over the weekend. This week had some errands to do in the town and decided to do some quick shopping at the local Wegmans. There, in the produce section a bag of small sweet peppers was calling my name. 
Hungarian Lecsó
I like these tiny peppers more than the regular ones, especially in salads or stuffed with some herb cheese. After seeing this recipe I knew I had to buy a new bag and make some. Oh, and I'm so happy I did.
Hungarian Lecsó
This Hungarian Lecso was so good and reminded me of home. The sweet peppers made such a delicious combo with the Hungarian paprika. Perfectly balanced. 
Usually in Romania we'd make something like this but roast the pepper prior. There are a little different in taste also, the Romanian one having a slightly smokey flavor especially if you use a charcoal grill to roast the peppers. The Hungarian one has a wonderful flavor given by the Hungarian paprika, a spice not so often used in Romanian cuisine. Hungarian Lecsó 
I serve mine Romanian style, with home made polenta.  Talking about Hungarian and Romanian cuisines you may wanna check the Hungarian Cabbage Noodles,  Savory Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Hungarian Plum Dumplings or maybe this Hungarian Style Cannelini Bean Soup
Hungarian Lecsó 
There are lots other Hungarian dishes worth trying but that's not all, you'll also find lots of Italian dishes and lots of comfort dinners. Also, Elisabeth kindly shares with us her finds at the thrift stores.
You guessed right, tonight's Thank you goes to Elisabeth.
My dear Elisabeth, Thank You for being such a wonderful blogger, for sharing with us delicious meals and leave encouraging comments. Thank you for the sweet memories your dishes bring to mind. They heal my home sick. 
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Thank you Monet, Carolyn, Wendy, Elisabeth  Lora   Alisha  Sara   Kate  Claudia   Nancy   Gina   Dionne
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