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Hump Day Catch Up

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
DWTS premiered this week. I always like to see who is on it that I adore. This season......Kelly Pickler. So, what did I do? Loved her hair so much I cut 8 inches off mine and went back to extreme shortness. Peyton loves it. He says I look young and cool. Eli never has a opinion about anything related to me unless it means loosing his xBox or iPod. And Zackary dislikes it. I'm unsure why. He just don't like change I guess. Personally I like the idea of packing away the hairspray, root lifter, straightener, curler and pony tail holders again.
Yesterday's blog was a hit. I was bombarded with request to please include those sorda essays in my book. So. you wish is my command. Thank you to all my followers. It means a lot to mean to have feedback.
This weekend is Zackary's birthday party. He has looked forward to his party since last year. No child of mine has ever enjoyed a party like he does. So this year we rented jump houses for him. It's going to be cool so we decided to inflate them inside the community center. I am looking forward to it. (Thank you for the idea Michelle)
Lizzy Lou is becoming part of the family. She sleeps with me, Evyn and Zackary. Except last night Zackary left and went to his own room because Liz snores. It was a win win for me. Liz's snoring does not bother me, however Zac's snoring does.
Time is ticking for my kitchen remodel. I'd say Spring Break will be when my contractor gets here finally to make my renovations and upgrades. I am so ready to have a nice place to prepare meals and enjoy the kids presence. Not. But really, my kitchen is a eye sore.
Peyton, Eli and Zac all made honor roll again. Pey is all A's for the first time since grade school!! They all got to pick out something from Gamestop. Grade card day gets expensive around here when all the kids make honor roll. But I'm happy to pay up for a good cause.
The first day of Spring was today and it was 26 degrees this a.m. and 21 tonight. We have been without central heat for two weeks and all practically camping in front of the fire place at night. Tomorrow is the day though. This Momma is getting a new unit. I'm ready to beat the old one to pieces. It's been a dud since I bought it 14 years ago. I'm increases the size by a ton. I hope this Summer it cools the house better and lowers my bill. Prolly not gonna happen though.
Wednesdays are Zackarys piano lesson days. He is picking it up so quickly. And it's been nice for me to brush up on playing. I forgot how much I loved it till I sat down and played again. Matter of fact, I think I will now. Happy Hump Day friends. We are almost over the hump. By the way, thank you all for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday. I am not a fan, and never celebrate them but I sincerely enjoyed reading the posts on Facebook. If Peyton counted correctly there were around 150 well wishes. I did not respond to each this year but know I love you guys and they sure meant a lot to me. Turning 22 wasn't so bad after all.   ;)

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