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Humor That Started with a Sandwich

By Kayla @kaymars


I love reflecting on my day and thinking about the silly or unusual or just plain weird things that students sometimes say. Kids can be weird, huh? That’s what I love about them!

Today, as I reflected on my difficult day in which I was torn in too many directions at once, I recalled this silly conversation…it took place during lunch buddies with six kindergarten students:

Girl (pointing an accusatory finger at me): “Where did you get that sandwich?”
Me (feeling like I’m in trouble with a 5 year old): “My sandwich? From home. I made it.”
Boy: “What?! You have a home?”
Me (trying not to laugh): “Yeah, of course. Do you think I live at school?”
Boy: “Well, you have a bed in your room, don’t you?” (Referring to the rug, bean bag, and pillows in my room.)
Me: “That’s the chill out area. I don’t sleep there.”
Boy: “Oh. It looks like a bed.”

I just can’t help but giggle when I think about it. The pure innocence and curiosity of 5 year olds is absolutely amazing! I’m embracing the humor and resting up for another day! Goodnight all!


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