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Humanity At Its Worst

By Kmitrix @kmitrix
Humanity At Its Worst


In my last post I mentioned a tragedy in California at a Senior Living Center, where an elderly woman in her eighties required CPR and no one at the facility would help her. Apparently, the medical staff wasnt allowed to administer CPR in the facility due to whatever legal BS. Did you read that? The nurse who was talking to the 911 operator refused to administer CPR because of liability issues to the facility.

This link will bring you to the page of a news video showing excerpts from the 911 call. Its about 3:00. There is also a link to listen to the entire 911 call. The dispatcher begs the nurse to administer CPR on this elderly woman and she refuses. She asks “is there ANYONE willing to help this woman?” and the nurse says “Not at this time.” Its just amazing. The elderly woman died, by the way. Ok? She fucking died. 

There is something wrong with us. There is something really really deeply and truly wrong with us. What has happened where we allow people to DIE because of fear of lawsuits? What the fuck has happened to us? How do we fix it? 

There is nothing wrong with “us”. You would have helped. I would have, too. The children we are raising will be taught to do what’s right. Decent folks would have helped. 

The “care” workers at this (and many other) assisted living facilities? There is seriously something with them. The lack of decency of people working for, yes for, people at the end of their journey is sickening.

I’m not going to ignore this story or think “What a shame” and then forget it. It will stay with me when I consider my actions, the actions of those I want to associate with and the behaviors I accept in my life.

Sidenote: I am happy when I think of the baby who seems to have been cured of pediatric AIDS - those are the antithesis of those monsters who let that elderly woman die.

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