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Human Foot Sold as Food?

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

A reader of FOTM sent me a query on Facebook about a disturbing claim that China is selling human feet as food:

Facebook question

My first reaction is: “Why would the Chinese sell human body parts as food in Europe?” – because the price “7,28 €” is in Euros.

So I did some research on the Internet.

Thankfully, this disgusting rumor isn’t true.

The “human foot” is a piece of “art” devised by a German photography studio called Stoeker Fotographie. On its main page, you’ll see various categories of the studio’s photographs: “People”; “Bodyart”; “Feetart” . . . .

Click “Feetart” and you’ll be brought to a page of thumb-nail photos of feet, among which is the human foot as food.


Words cannot suffice to describe how revolting I find this “art” piece.

Sadly, that people can think the Chinese actually are selling packaged human parts as food is a testament to all the real food abuses from China. See “USDA approves import of chicken processed in China despite safety concerns” for an alarming list of “Made in China” pet and human food contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, and outright poisons.

Lest you think cannibalism is something only primitives commit, two Dutch TV hosts allegedly had a piece of flesh cut from their respective bodies. The plan was to cook and eat each other’s flesh on the air. Later, the TV network said it was all a “hoax” to “raise awareness of organ donation.”


Then there are these real incidents of cannibalism by:

  • Syrian Muslims
  • a restaurant in Nigeria
  • North Koreans
  • an Iranian professor in Sweden
  • two German men who agreed that one would kill and eat the other
  • a Japanese man who served his cooked genitals to diners
  • a New York cop Gilberto Valle 
  • in Miami, USA
  • in Maryland, USA

The line between civilization and barbarism is frighteningly thin indeed.


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