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Human Cloning VS Avatars

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
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Human Cloning VS Avatars
My grand dad though a god fearing person but an atheist had a great deal of influence on my mind as i would spend hours, listening to his stories and often he would talk about Hindu gods. He was not quite convinced with our half human ,half animal gods nor he was convinced with immortality theory. Though he is no more but he did leave a confused mind behind that mind wanders in search of the facts and that is me.
Recent claims of human coloning,and research on immortality drugs by  scientists have left me confused about Avatars ( The mytic beings who take birth on the earth at precise moments in order to help man and show him the way from his ordinary mortal state to an enlightened consciousness.)  , and evolution of life on earth.I have often wondered about theory of half human ,half animal and  immortal  Hindu Gods . If we go by Darwins theory of Evolution "From the invertebrates came the fishes. From the fishes the Amphibians and from the Amphibians the Reptiles. The Reptiles in turn gave rise to two separate classes the Aves (or the birds) and the Mammals. And ofcourse in mammals the final step in evolution (atleast as of now} was Man."
In fact in the study of the manifestations of Lord Vishnu, better known as the Dasha- Avatars suggests that , the earliest known life on the earth was of amphibians in the water, from where the progress was chronicled and was followed by a life sustaining not only in water but progressed to some extent on land. The Lord took shape of a tortoise. (Koorma-avatara). Amphibian became semi-amphibian, and then an animal in swamp or slush. Lord became a Boar and this animal progressed to half-human in the shape of Half lion + half-human (Nara-Simha) , the path of progress took the half human to full human shape. The next avatar was that of a Dwarf (Vamana) The process of progress of Dwarf  to a full human was natural, but with a wavering mind, uncontrollable, and acting without reasons ,he came to be known as Parasurama, a man without control.. Slowly the man became perfect,always giving importance to the penance than the pleasure ever respecting the guru and the elders and remaining dutiful to others wherever he was and he came to be known as Rama. And then the perfect human form emerged in the form of Krishna ,who was known for his cleverness and ability to think and win. A person of intelligence, taking decisions to suit the situation and ready to fight. Ready to mediate, and ready to love and ready to be loved. Tranquility, submission, passion for peace is the next step from achieving everything. He was Buddha.The cycle has to end, so that it can start again. Kalki(Anti Christ), they say will come to destroy the world. So that evolution can take place again. I tried to  understand rather convince my self although,debating within my mind untill Scientists claimed that an artificial human can be created by cloning  The technology of cloning mammals, although far from reliable, has reached the point where many scientists are knowledgeable, the literature is readily available, and the implementation of the technology is not very expensive compared to many other scientific processes. For that reason Lewis D. Eigen has argued that human cloning attempts will be made in the next few years and may well have been already begun
I end the post here much confused in my mind, whether to believe in the theory of Avatars or Evolution or Cloning , it certainly is beyond my comprehension.

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