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Huey The Color Copying Chameleon Lamp

By Gerard @presurfer
Huey The Color Copying Chameleon Lamp
Huey is an electronic glowing chameleon lamp that dynamically matches the color of whatever he sits on. Have a favorite green notebook? Plop Huey down on top and he matches the color with his glowing skin. Just painted your room Cerulean Blue? Hold Huey against the wall, then squeeze him gently and he'll hold the color, even if you put him down on your brown nightstand.
Huey even has a color cycle mode if you're indecisive. Watch him pop from color to color and give him a little reassuring squeeze when he gets to the one you like.
Huey the Color Copying Chameleon Lamp makes an adorable addition to your room and he's a great friend to anyone who loves color.The Presurfer

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