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How Your Grandpa Got His LOLs

By Gerard @presurfer
How Your Grandpa Got His LOLs
H. Fishlove & Co. is a manufacturer of novelties and gags. Toilets were Irving Fishlove's thing. Fishlove focused on toilets when, in 1924, TootsieToy started making doll-house furniture using a new injection-molding process. One of the items they made was a toilet. When Fishlove looked at that toilet, he didn't see doll-house furniture. He saw funny.
And so he started making all kinds of gags using this little toilet. The beauty of it was that Fishlove could use the same toilet in any gag box. His strategy was pretty ingenious, actually. He would just order tons of these toilets for gag boxes. All he had to do was change the wording on the box.
(thanks Ben)

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