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How You Should Protect Your Marriage While Social Networking?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Social networking has managed to increase quite significantly in the last couple of years and is considered a powerful vehicle to boost social collaboration. As the main result, it`s changing relationships between individuals and not really in a positive way; some people out there will claim social networking websites will cause relationships to break by simply making it easier to flirt with mental or emotional affairs. Build a social networking strategy which best meets your individual necessities and secures your marriage at the very same time.

How You Should Protect Your Marriage While Social Networking?

1. Try to discuss your social strategy with your loved one. Make a decision together about which social groups are the most appropriate and which best meet your necessities. Try to agree how much info you should share about you and your loved one, and what details should be included in your social profile. Try to determine appropriate communication limits with members of the opposite gender. Find out how you may identify online predators or people you may claim to be some they aren`t. Make a decision about when you should “unfriend” questionable people and how to inform your loved one when you do. Try to review the list of your friends with your love one as often as you can and asses together if your interaction with any of the friends may hurt your marriage. Offer your spouse access to your social network.

2. Honor your love one as part of your social strategy. Be certain to show your marital status accurately. List the name of your spouse in your social profile, and upload any photos of both you and your spouse to your web page. Be certain your spouse is among your friends, and post comments on the web page of your spouse. Do not let your spouse read anything on your web page which you have not already told him/her yourself. Avoid making any negative remarks about your love one on your web page. You may use your web page to brag about your love one and offer particular examples of how great he/she is, but keep all those private moments only to yourself.

3. Try to not substitute social media for direct interaction with your loved one. Do not allow social networking to substitute your marital issues. Try to put some boundaries between your real life and your social networking one. Be certain your time over the internet does not interfere with quality time which may be intended for your loved one. Do not use Facebook or Twitter in an attempt to resolve problems with your partner or get back to your loved one for any previous wrongs. Instead, be certain you will have enough time for direct contact.

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