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How Will You Give Birth?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

There are so many decisions when it comes to pregnancy and giving birth. Will you use a doctor or midwife? Will you deliver at home or in a hospital? Will you try for an all natural childbirth, or are you having a scheduled cesarean section? Will you bottle or breast-feed? Will you use cloth or disposable diapers? The decisions are many. There are decisions to make concerning the birth of the baby. If you are having a normal healthy pregnancy, you will have more options during childbirth. One of the decisions you can make are what position will you give birth.

How Will You Give Birth?

Back Lying Birthing Position

Probably the most popular birthing position in the United States anyway is the back lying position. Most hospitals prefer this position because it allows the nurses and doctors ease of access during the birthing process. Many hospitals will even put the feet up in stirrups and strap the legs down to help assist the birth. This position works if the mom had any type of anesthesia, such as a spinal or epidural or if the mother has the need for labor induction. The thought is by lying on the back, the incident of uterine rupture lowers.

Sitting Birthing Position

Some hospitals allow this, because the hospital bed rises for a sitting position or a semi-sitting position. Some mothers feel they can deliver easier if they are upright as opposed to flat on their back. It helps if in the sitting position to have something to put the foot against, during pushing. Many hospital beds now have foot pedals to allow the mom to sit up better while giving birth. Gravity plays a role in aiding the sitting position during the birth process and this is why many moms feel in better control while sitting.

Side Lying Birthing Position

Many moms find the side-lying position comfortable to give birth. It is very easy to relax better in this position. There is no pressure on the spine or back. Many times if a mom wears out from pushing while on her back, or sitting or squatting, she finds that by lying on her side, she gathers enough energy to push out the baby. This position helps breathing to be easier.

Squatting Birthing Position

Many mothers in other cultures use this position over any of the others. In some areas of the world there are birthing stools, which are raised stools with an opening in the center, they sort of look like an open toilet. Women who can handle the squatting position find they give birth a lot easier and faster. Gravity really works well for this position, as the birth canal is a straight shot from the uterus. Gravity helps to pull the baby on down and out. However, it requires great strength with the mother, because she will have to be able to hold herself upright during the toughest part of childbirth. Some hospital beds are equipped with a bar that allows a mother to squat while holding herself up on the bar. If you plan to try this position, you need to exercise to strengthen the leg and abdomen muscles ahead of time.

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