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How Truck Drivers Falsify Logbooks

Posted on the 06 December 2013 by Webforjason

truck driver log bookTime is money in many professions, not the least of which is the trucking industry. Drivers are pressured, whether it's directly from their employer or unspoken, to meet tight deadlines. The pressure is increasing as tighter regulations make it more difficult for drivers to make the time they once could.

While most drivers and trucking companies work hard and play by the rules, it's the exception that makes the roads more dangerous for everyone.

For instance, last February Federal agents raided a Virginia trucking company. They were charged with forcing their drivers to falsify their log books. In another case from 2012, a Philadelphia truck driver who was already serving time for vehicular homicide got 18 months for falsifying his logbook.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rule 395.8 mandates that all truck drivers keep a "record of duty" for each 24-hour period. Here are some of the ways truck drivers break the rules.

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