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How to Write TO Friends

Posted on the 19 January 2016 by Polycarp55 @polycarp55
How to Write TO FriendsQuestion: How does one Increase Writing to Friends and Family
I love writing letters.  And, yes its an archaic practice, one that is dying.  But, letters are romantic, exciting, and something Charlie Brown oh so wished for.    An email is forgettable but a letter can be forever.  So, I have devised a new way to write to more people than just my select few.
I love randomness, and variety but often feel like I am trapped into a habit forming milieu. I utilize games of chance to help break out of my stale environment.  The game I created utilizes the app random number.  The app creates a random number which corresponds to a certain number on list, and then I write to that person.  So if you see a note from me, just out of the blue, know your number has come up. 
Thanks Gregory D. Rothbard

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