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How to Wrap Custom Built Cushions – Part II Vintage Trailer Cushion Series

By Cbdesigns @cherylboglioli


Wednesday we started our Cushion Series with Create & Cut Custom Cushions.  That wasn’t so hard, huh?  Once they are cut to size, we now need to wrap them with batting.  This does a couple of things.  It helps further hold your cushion sandwich together if you have more than one layer, for starters, but it’s main purpose is to round out the shape so that your cushions don’t look like a flat pizza box in your covers.  It adds a little bit of loft to your cushions and smoothes out the look once you cover your cushions in material of choice.


I used Fairfield Foam Soft n Crafty polyester batting to wrap the cushions after cutting and building to custom size.  This roll was wide enough to wrap about my cushions.

Cut two pieces of batting the same width and length as your cushion.  Using the spray adhesive again, lightly spray and glue the cut batting to each side. This should come just to the edge of your cushion.  You can trim any edges that extend over.  Again, lightly spray both cushion and batting for this step.


You are then going to wrap one larger piece from bottom, across the front, and pulled around to the back, but leaving the back open.   Some people might suggest wrapping the entire cushion, but I don’t suggest that because the extra batting in the back will not provide any comfort and can easily get caught in your zipper if you are using a zipper to close your cushions.  Do a dry fit here before spraying with adhesive.  This last layer should extend about 1 inch off each side (it doesn’t have to be exact).  This rounds off your sharp corners when you add your covers.



Repeat all the above steps for each cushion needed.   Voila!  You have now built your very own custom cushions.  You can use leftover pieces of foam for bolsters or smaller cushions.

Part III will post soon as we build some cushion covers for the dinette.

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