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How to Win the Race of App Store Optimization?

Posted on the 11 January 2018 by Techsemo
How to Win the Race of App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process to improve the prospect of your mobile app on the app store and it is a crucial piece of marketing for mobile apps. The way SEO (search engine optimization) is for websites; likewise, ASO is for mobile apps. The ASO specifically includes the process of ranking the mobile app high in the app store’s search results and top ranking charts.

The mobile app marketers believe that the app gets downloaded more when it is listed in the top ranking apps. In addition to this, ASO also encircles on expanding the transition of app store perception into downloads. Let’s pitch in the top solutions to achieve the best of ASO.

Know your buyers and the champions: How to Win the Race of App Store Optimization

It is very important to understand what your buyers want and where you stand in the competition. A well-drafted ASO strategy fastens on how your buyers are using your app and what your competitors are offering. Find answers to the following questions:
  • What are the keywords used by the buyers for searching on the app store?
  • What are the top reasons for buyers to download my app?
  • How are the buyers rating and describing my app?
Alongside also study your competitors and what are they offering? Where does my app stand against their app? How are people describing their apps? Etc

Opt for a fitting app name - Choose a unique title for your app and append pertinent keywords in the title. It is found that titles with appropriate keywords are the ones that get top ranked. Titles are allowed up to 255 characters but they are truncated after the 23rd character in App Store while 30th in Google Play. To make sure that your app gets recognized, try to keep the title in the nutshell.

Keyword augmentation - For ASO, it is important to optimize the keywords in the app’s metadata so that the app gets a higher ranking in the search algorithm. This can be accomplished by ensuring that all the applicable and important keywords are present in the metadata of the app. Along with this also try to add the keywords that buyers search for related to your app’s offerings.

Effective App narration - The description of your app should not be created with the focus on search index but the customer base. It should be simple and understandable so that it will compel the potential customer to call-to-action. The description should be crisp and cover all the important offerings of the app (try to mention in points).

Now that you have convinced the search engine for your ranking with keywords, the description is to convince the customers and buyers that your app meets their need.

Catch the eye with unique app icon - Regardless of the OS for which you are creating the app, keep the icon simple and try not to muddle it unnecessarily. A simple logo with some text, bright colors, border and a shadow is preferred a lot. Remember that your icon should convey what the app is about and do a market research to find out how other apps have their icons.

Incorporate screenshots and videos - A picture or a video brings your text description to life and conveys a thousand words about your app. You can upload up to five screenshots on iOS while eight on Android; although only 2-3 show up on the page load. Hence be careful about what screenshots you want to upload.

The screenshots and videos should speak about customer benefits so that they will be pursued to use the app. You can also add text overlay with the help of graphic designers to describe the key features.

Author Bio: Earleen Brown is a veteran Android application developer for reputed Android app Development Company. You can contact her to hire Android app developer to avail reliable and efficient app development services.

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