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How to Use LinkedIn in B2B Social Sales

Posted on the 04 April 2012 by Softscribeinc @SoftscribeInc

How to Use LinkedIn in B2B Social SalesAs my friend and colleague Barbara Giamanco, co-author of The New Handshake, is fond of saying:

“Selling is marketing, but
Marketing is not selling.”

She also says the sales close rate is “84% if you have an internal sponsor and 44% with a referral.

That, and the fact that there over 100 million professionals on LinkedIn, make it a strong referral network.  Building on my earlier blog about “How to use LinkedIn to Drive Dollars,” here are 3 tips from Barbara on LinkedIn for social sales.  Please click here for more in-depth information, including 2 TUTORIALS, on how to use LinkedIn.

1.  Search LinkedIn 3 ways.
a. Quick Search for people, companies and groups.
b. #Keyword search for trending topics and people.
c. Lead Generation: Use LinkedIn’s “Advance Search” feature.
Filter for your keywords; location; plus 1st and 2nd degree
connections and groups only.

Save your searches. LinkedIn sends you a weekly email with updated information.

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How to Use LinkedIn in B2B Social Sales
How to Use LinkedIn in B2B Social Sales

2.  Sales People: Leverage LinkedIn’s #1 Benefit:  Visibility!  Participate in groups, and always get an introduction.

Be sure your personal LinkedIn Profile is up to date, embellished with applications like “books you read,” and uses keywords in the header.  Create a company page as well, which acts as a mini-website within LinkedIn.

Softscribe’s joint venture partner, JD Gershbein, CEO of Owlish Communications says the most important part of LinkedIn is the invitation and the response. Barbara agrees.


Click here for JD’s tutorial on how to build networks, join groups, and make recommendations.

3. VIDEO SELLS! Barbara’s 30-second promo video was posted on SlideShare (for greater reach and search engine visibility) and connected via LinkedIn’s apps to her Profile.

How to Use LinkedIn in B2B Social Sales

Her video was done by Scott Williford, Founder and CEO of Atlanta-based vLink Solutions. Use the LinkedIn Advanced People Search to find a videographer in your area.

What is your #1 tip for using LinkedIn for sales and nurturing your network?

Please click here for more, including 2 TUTORIALS, on how to use LinkedIn.

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