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How to Use a Makeup Primer

By Mohamedmedo

Using a makeup primer is the best way to create a long lasting, flawless makeup you ever dreamed of. Applying a simple makeup primer can do a huge difference to your makeup. If you learn how to apply a makeup primer, you can easily put on a makeup that won’t wear off and will stay perfect all day long. This wonderful product aims to create a smooth base for your makeup, preparing your skin for the foundation in order to achieve a natural, long-lasting makeup and a stunning look.
How to Use a Makeup Primer
Makeup primers are relatively new products on the cosmetic market. It is one of those beauty secrets many celebrities and supermodels use in order to obtain that glamorous look. If you are a true makeup lover then makeup primer should not be missing from your beauty bag.
Makeup primers create a perfect, even surface and at the same time control excess oil on the surface of the skin to get a flawless base for your makeup. Even if you think that foundation is enough, a thin layer of makeup primer applied beforehand can bring your makeup to a completely new level. Check out the major steps of applying makeup primer and get ready to create a glamorous look for the evening party!
How to Use a Makeup Primer
  • The very first step of a successful makeup is giving your skin proper nourishment. If you put makeup on a dry skin, the result will be disastrous. Opt for a light textured moisturizer that won’t smudge your makeup primer. However, always make sure that moisturizer has absorbed well into your skin and no residues are left on your face.

  • Put a small amount of makeup primer on the back of your hand and take a damp makeup sponge then dip it into the primer gel. Apply it gently on your face with sweeping hand motions, starting with the area under your eyes then continue around your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

  • When applying the makeup primer, make sure that you distribute the product evenly all over your face, blending it well into your skin to get a perfect, smooth base for your makeup. If its necessary you can add a little more primer on problematic, hard-to-cover areas such as wrinkles around the mouth and eyes as well as the oilier T-zone, in order to prevent your makeup from wearing off. When you add a little extra product on these parts, use your fingertips instead of the sponge to blend the primer well into your skin.

  • After you have finished with applying the makeup primer on your face, don’t forget to wait a few minutes to let the primer sink into your skin and set on your face. As a next step you can continue with applying the foundation, or you can skip this step and apply just a finishing powder directly over your makeup primer.

  • For your eyelids, use a primer that is specially designed for these delicate areas. If you want to maintain your wonderful eye makeup all day long, apply the eyelid primer over your upper and lower eyelids then apply your favorite eye shadow. You will notice that a good primer will make wonders to your eye makeup, bringing out the best of every eye shadow.

  • Makeup primer is the secret weapon of every woman who wants to achieve a wonderful, fresh and flawless base for every makeup. Primers guarantee a smooth, even skin tone, without clogging the pores or leaving a heavy sensation on your skin. They disguise the imperfections of your skin, provide moisture all day long and create a perfect surface to apply a stunning makeup. Don't forget that makeup primers are always at your disposal, each time you need to look fabulous and perfect.
    How to Use a Makeup Primer
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