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How to Travel with Kids - Clueless Mom Tip#457

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
So the kids are fed.  Bags are packed and my MIL with her usual helpful, right on time, awesome self (I'm serious, she is pretty darn awesome) is at the house entertaining the dudes while me and clueless Dad finish packing and loading up the car. 
We're playing stroller shuffle as usual.
Take the single stroller out of my trunk and put it in Clueless Dad's wagon. 
Take the double stroller out of the house and put it in my trunk (we're taking my car by the way).  
Load up the pack and play crib and the booster seat.  
Close the trunk. 
Where are my keys?
Did I just lock them in the trunk?
Yes, I did just lock them in the trunk.
It's 9 P.M.
The dudes are getting restless. 
M is walking around wearing pajamas and cowboy boots. 
J is delirious and milk drunk.
AAA is an hour away. 
When loading up the car to leave on a road trip at 9 o'clock at night, don't lock the trunk until you have accounted for your keys.
You're Welcome.

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