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How To Transition Your Skin Care Regimen From Winter To Spring

By Chantel @k3ona

SpringCleanFaceHey Gorgeous! I’m so happy that spring is finally here I know that many people have suffered through a long and cold winter but warm weather is near. Taking care of your skin is very important and today I will be sharing how to take care of your skin while the weather is transitioning from winter to spring. I hope this post is helpful.

What types of products should we be using as the weather gets warmer?

The humidity that comes with warmer weather requires lighter emollients. It’s time to put away your rich creams and start using lighter moisturizers. Skin tends to be less sensitive when humidity is higher thanks to the added moisture, so it’s also time to give a face scrub or a peel a try.

What ingredients should we be avoiding in the summer?

Oral medications, like doxycycline and tetracycline can make your skin more sensitive to the sun so you’ll need to amp up your SPF.

What about treatments?

Postpone your laser hair removal if you’ll be in the sun and opt for flexible blade razors.

Do we need  stronger everyday SPF?

If you are already using a high SPF product then you don’t really need to change.

Is there anything else we can do protect our skin?

Vitamin D is very important to overall health. You will also need to add an oral supplement to your routine as well.

What about the skin on the rest of our bodies?

Any part of your skin that’s not covered by clothing should be protected with SPF. Over time, sun exposure degrades the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin, leading to poor tone and texture.

How often should we be reapplying sunscreen?

Unless you’re spending hours in the pool, exercising outside or rubbing your sunscreen off, reapplying two to three times in a day is sufficient.

Is the SPF in my makeup enough sun protection for the summer?

Unless you’re coating your skin with a thick layer of foundation three times a day, you’ll need a separate sunscreen to actually get the SPF levels printed on the bottle.

Should we still be exfoliating in the summer?

Exfoliation is the key to optimizing every skin care regimen. An exfoliator be a part of your routine all year round.

Gorgeous, will you be using these tips to add to your skin care regimen?

Stay Gorgeous!

Source: Byrdie

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