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How To Take The Dummy Away

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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I was terrified of taking the dummy away from my darling little children, as without a dummy stuck in their mouths they became hard work.

Yes I was guilty of shoving it into heir little mouths when they whined or were tired and all too soon taking it away became a battle.

At the age of 3 Kaiden was far too big to be walking around with a dummy and he would even go as far as to hide one in his coat pocket before we left the house, as he knew not to take one out with him. I was embarrassed to have him out in public because of the dummy and it was only allowed in the house.

I think my own anxiety on getting rid of the dummy reflected upon both the children who were about to lose their precious item and they knew something was going to happen.

How To Take The Dummy Away

I explained that the dummy fairy needed to come and collect all the dummies from the bigger kids as the baby fairies no longer had any. That meant the Dummy Fairy was coming for theirs.

Their little eyes lit up at the thought of a pretty fairy coming to visit, so OK hold on, the fairy only comes when children are asleep.

We collected all the dummies in the house and placed them into a bag and then we hung the bag on the tree in our garden and waited.

They soon got bored of waiting and when they were not looking into the dustbin the bag went.

We had 2 nights of asking for their dummies, yes they cried, they kicked, they woke 2/3 times during the night sobbing but I remained firm yet calm and reminded them they were big and the little baby fairies needed them.

We are now dummy free and there has been no more talk of dummies.

How did you take away the dummy in your home? 


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