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How to Survive Your Beach Holiday When You Bring Your Kids

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
We all know that life changes completely after having kids; the house never stays tidy, bedtimes are a struggle, and you end up finding yourself doing their homework for them rather than settling down on the sofa with a nice glass of wine. Despite this, you wouldn’t change your family life for the world, and simply accept that some things will require more planning and flexibility to be a success.
This is especially true when it comes to your annual beach holiday. In the very early years, you may cut out this trip altogether, but by the time your children are around the age of five, you may think it is time to head overseas once again. Of course, there are plenty of considerations to make, but there are some that will apply to pretty much every family in your position. So have a read of these tips to make planning your trip just a little bit easier...
Before you travel
Find a hotel with a kids club: When you are actually looking for a place to stay, you may want to take advantage of the kids clubs that are available in some hotels. This will allow your children to make friends with other kids staying in the same complex, as well as giving you a couple of hours of peace. Do your research to find out which hotels are better equipped to give your children the best experience; are there water slides and children’s pools?
Buy activities to keep them entertained: After you’ve booked your flights (check if you haven’t done so yet), turn your attention to how you will keep your kids amused on the plane. Even a three hour trip can feel long to children, so ensure you have plenty of things packed and prepared. Whether you bring colouring pencils or a Nintendo DS, something is certainly better than nothing in these circumstances.
During your trip
Keep bedtimes regular: When you have landed in your destination and have unpacked, you should try and instil a routine fairly quickly. Even without jet lag to contend with, kids can get tired and grumpy pretty quickly. Staying up until the early hours won’t help this, especially if they are keen to make the most of the daylight hours for swimming and making sandcastles. A slightly later bedtime may still work for your kids if this is when you want to eat dinner, but this will be down to your personal preferences.
Supervise carefully: Finally, it is important to remember that there are still risks and dangers out there, even in a relatively safe holiday resort. Swimming pools and the sea are a couple of the major hazards to watch out for, but so are the hygiene standards in restaurants and hotels. Ultimately, you will need to supervise your children carefully to make sure they stay safe and well during your trip; don’t let your guard down just because you are on holiday and the sun is shining.
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