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How To Stop Your Child Hitting At Nursery

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
How To Stop Your Child Hitting At Nursery


It can all seem rather daunting starting nursery and more so when there are now many more children who they have to accept and share things with. Is it any wonder this age mark brings with it the added stresses of hitting and biting becoming normal?

It can be rather embarrassing when you go to collect your child from nursery to find a rather stern looking mother stood and the nursery teacher having to explain that the large bruise or bite mark on this annoyed mother’s child, is a result of your child. Please let the ground swallow you whole.

The nursery staff do not use the naughty step you use at home, nor do they follow the same rules and boundaries, so your child has more chance to display bad behaviour, they break all the rules they have learned, simply because at nursery they can.

If hitting and biting at nursery has become a regular pattern you can try speaking with the nursery staff and ensure them at home this type of behavior is not tolerated and explain how you would deal with this situation. Could you ask them instead of reasoning with your child or trying to explain that what he/she has done is wrong, that they remove him and place him in a quiet area, similar to the naughty step technique as this is what he knows and understands.

The one thing I have found that has worked for me is that I have very clearly stated how upset this incident has made me and that I will be asking the nursery teacher if they have behaved that day, making a huge fuss at the end of the day when they have done well or should we say has at least not hit anyone.

I would love to hear if your a mom who has experienced this situation….

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