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How to Stop an Older Child Being Jealous of a New Baby

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

How to stop an older child being jealous of a new baby

You really do have to feel sorry for the child who suddenly has its world turned upside down because of a new baby.

They now have to keep quite, play nicely alone and are not the center of attention any more. Maybe they have had to be quickly pott trained, moved out of mums room into their own room, to make room for this stupid baby who they keep hearing so much about.

They are fed up of this “baby” being talked about and they do not want to feel the baby kick or kiss your bump any more. Quite frankly they do not care and you can take that baby back to where it came from.

Some children, depending upon age also take very well to the arrival of a new baby. But at some point all children will show some annoyance to this new change.

It is so difficult when a new baby arrives to not solely make everything about the baby. Friends and family come with gifts, ask them to not forget to bring a little gift for the other kids too (or keep a bag of treats hidden for emergencies).

Allow the older siblings to get involved with as much as possible. Ask them if they would like to help you feed or bath the baby. Can they fetch things for you? That way they are helping you and you can reward them, make it fun too.

Ensure you spend quality time with the older child/children, make them see just because this new baby has come into your life they are not going to loose you.

Give them time to adjust to this new change. They will come around and grow to love their new baby brother or sister.

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