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How to Spend Your Christmas Break

Posted on the 16 December 2011 by Happygrc
My first Christmas break in portfolio school was great. I crossed several states to return home. I relaxed. I snowboarded. I read. I didn't think about advertising at all.
Then I went back to portfolio school in January. And I was rusty. Really rusty. Not because I'd taken a break from advertising. But because I'd taken a break from writing. And maybe even thinking.
As you head into the holidays, take a break. You probably deserve it. Step back from advertising. But don't step back from your craft.
If you're a writer, continue to write. Doesn't have to be headlines or taglines or anything for a school assignment. But write.
If you're an art director, draw, paint, sketch, or sculpt some snowmen. Whatever. But keep using your hands, and your brains.

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