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How to Skip Work Without Getting Into Trouble

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

We all have those days where you wake up and the last place on earth you want to be is sitting at your desk, dealing with your co-workers. You lay in bed contemplating on whether you should call it a day or suck it up and head into the office. What excuse would you give? Is that project due? What would you do all day? A million thoughts run through your head and all of them point to the fact that you will be skipping work today. So, how do you do it without getting caught? Follow these tips and you will have a relaxing, work-free day, without any backlash once you are back on the job.

How to Skip Work Without Getting Into Trouble

Start Early!

Most of us are up hours before we actually have to be at work because there are kids to get ready, traffic to fight, long commutes to be driven, and all other reasons you'd much rather stay in bed. The earlier you start your deceit the better. A major bonus to calling early is you will most likely get the voicemail because nobody is in the office yet. Lying to a machine is a whole lot easier than lying to your boss. Should you not have the time to call and speak to the messaging service and have to speak to a real live person remember to stay relaxed and focused on the task at hand. What's an awkward 5-minute conversation when you will have 8 hours of freedom afterward? It's always best to continuously apologize through the conversation and end it with a "Thank You" as if you really wanted to be at work today and you are so very sorry that you can't make it but thank you for being such an understanding supervisor and allowing me to stay home.

Have a Great Excuse

Saying you are ill is a go-to excuse with only one drawback, you will have to pretend to be sick, sometimes for days. Calling in with a cold means for the next two days at the office you will have to cough, sniffle, and act achy when in reality you are feeling fine. Plus, there is always the chance your boss will want a doctor's note, which, is easy to obtain from but rather than going the cold route go for the 24-hour bug. Perfectly explains why you feel so lousy today but are will be so refreshed and joyous tomorrow at work. Seriously though, get the doctor's note for safekeeping. A great excuse is always a minor vehicle or household issue. A leaking pipe, flat tire, broken garage door, engine troubles, or broken air conditioner are all excuses that won't cause too much suspicion and can all be good as new when you return to work tomorrow.

How to Skip Work Without Getting Into Trouble

Stay In

Don't call out and hit the town because you might be spotted and unless your excuse was you were locked out of your house with the keys inside and sat on the front porch waiting for a locksmith you will never be able to explain that sunburn so stays away from the beach and water. Enjoy a day of relaxation. Get something done around the house that you never seem to have time for like cleaning out the junk drawer. Binge on a tv show you've been dying to start watching.

Go Back The Next Day

Make sure you return to work on-time the following day. Keep your head down and if questioned, just say you have so much work to catch up on because of the unfortunate incident that was yesterday's excuse. Now, go enjoy your day off!


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