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How To: Sequin Heart Appliqués

By Thedreamery

Sequin Applique How ToGetting tired some of those really great sweaters you invested in and have worn season after season. I found the best way to change up an old sweater is to add a touch of sparkle, like sequins. What girl doesn’t love a touch of sparkle in their everyday wear. The sweater I chose to glam up, is one of my favorites – a loose neutral colored striped sweater that is my go-to piece for this weather, and over the years has gotten a permanent stain. So, instead of tossing a perfectly good sweater I love so much, I decided to make a pretty pink heart appliqué to cover up the stain

This is a super easy how to, in an instant you can transform an old boring piece into a trendy fall sweater. You can follow this same how to create different shapes or even elbow pads! It’s a great way to add some new life to a piece of clothing, blanket, pillow, hat or anything else you can think of. When the days bring us indoors more, you’ll have to find ways to keep yourself busy and creative, and this a great way to do so, while adding a some new pieces to your wardrobe. 

Sequin Applique How To
You’ll Need

  • Iron-patches, felt or fabric {I used just a piece of extra linen I had on hand}
  • Fabric Glue w. Small Dispensing Tip {found here at Michael’s – if glue doesn’t come with a thin dispenser tip, use a toothpick or skewer to place the glue in place}
  • Flat Sequin Strands {about 3 yards for one project}
  • Sewing Needle + Thread
  • Round Head Jewelry Plier or Tweezers 
  • Iron On Seam {found at fabric stores or Michael’s craft stores}
  • Iron

Sequin Applique How To
Trace heart onto fabric and cut out. You can use a template, or free hand your design like I’ve done.

Sequin Applique How To
Gently attach the sequin strand, thread side down onto the glue, around the outside of the cut fabric.

Sequin Applique How To
Continue wrapping the strand using the round head pliers or tweezers, slightly overlapping each layer and completely covering the piece of fabric.
Sequin Applique How To
When you reach the center, cut the strand, tucking the loose thread beneath a sequin. Allow to dry completely, at least 30 minutes.
Sequin Applique How To
Cut two strip of the iron-on strips to fit the back of your appliqué. Follow directions on package, and iron the seam strips onto the appliqué, then onto the sweater, ironing it from inside-out.
Sequin Applique How To
Sequin Applique How To
Using thread and needle, secure the glued patch in place. This extra step of sewing, allows for extra durability for everyday use and washing. Allow the pillow to dry at least 72 hours before washing of any sort

That’s it! I love my old sweater even more now! 

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