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How to Select a Domain Name

Posted on the 06 June 2014 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

It is essential for a business, an organization or an individual selling goods and services in the market today to have web presence as many of the customers are available online and it is one of the most important methods of marketing communication today. Small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to get a domain name for their business online need to think of some important elements of a domain name while picking the right domain name for their business.

The following are some of the key tips while selecting a domain name that one has to keep in mind, so that their domain name is a match to their business concern and also appealing to the target audiences:

Tips to Select a Domain Name:

• Domain name of your business online is your own private property just like your tangible assets like offices and properties. It is very important that the domain name is registered under the business owner’s name and the business owner remain the administrative contact of the domain name. The business owner should be the registered owner of the domain name with the company from where the domain name is acquired.

• Another important tip is to remember to renew the domain name for your business. If the domain name expires because of non renewal one can lose the domain name to another individual or organization which can be potentially very harmful for the business.

• For small businesses and organizations picking the right domain name for the business is very important to make the web presence of the business appealing to the target audiences. For example, putting the geographical location in the domain name as well as the keywords of the business will make the website more accessible to business.

• Make the domain name as simple and as easy to understand. Try to remember and retype in an easy possible way. This means that the domain name should not have any dashes, abbreviations, numbers and it should not be a hyphenated name which will be difficult to remember.

• Simple names that are catchy and easy to understand are much more popular than difficult domain names that target audiences may not remember. Spending more for popular options is always a better option than opting for a less popular option with dashes and abbreviation which is available at a cheaper rate.

• It is imperative that one checks the domain name’s history before selecting it for business. If you use a domain name that is already being used by another individual or organization then you may have to shut down the website in the future, change its name or there could be legal trouble for the website in the future.

• If you are opting for a domain name for a small business organization then creating domain name extensions other than .com like .net or .edu is not important if there is no protection of patents or protecting trademarks for the business involved.

The above tips are useful for opting for an ideal domain name for one’s business or organization to create a visible presence online.

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