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How to Save Energy with Home Automation

Posted on the 13 February 2015 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Touchscreen panels embedded into walls, lights and appliances controlled remotely, and doors that know to lock behind you were relegated to the pages of science fiction not long ago. However, home automation technology is very real; it’s making even the most mundane of tasks more convenient, but also aims to save you money on your utility bills by eliminating unnecessary energy consumption. With energy costs on the rise and incomes stretched thinner and thinner, here’s how home automation technology can help you lower your energy consumption.

Smart Thermostats to Regulate Your Home’s Climate

Letting your home’s heat or air conditioning run continuously, even when you’re not home, is making your energy consumption much higher than it needs to be. That’s also money spent on your electric bill that could be better spent elsewhere.


A smart thermostat lets you put your home’s climate controls on an automated schedule so that it cuts back when no one is home and only maintains your preferred temperature in the evenings and on days off. You might be surprised what a difference a smart thermostat can make on your energy consumption. The apps included with these systems usually provide usage statistics to show how much energy that you’re actually saving.

Automate Lighting to Save Energy

When it comes to lighting, there are several solutions available, but they’re all designed to make your lighting more efficient. If lights are left on throughout your home, even in rooms that aren’t occupied, your home will use much more energy than necessary, and that’s more energy you have to pay for.

Installing occupancy sensors is one way to ensure that lights aren’t left on in rooms that are unoccupied. Occupancy sensors are also more convenient since your lights will automatically come in when you enter a room. Some systems even offer WiFi-enabled light bulbs that you can control with an app so that you can make sure your lights don’t get left on no matter where you are.

Eliminate Energy Trickling with Remote-Controlled Outlets

Even if your appliances are always actively running, things like coffee makers and mixers can be continuously consuming energy even when powered off. Instead of having to remember to unplug your appliances only to have to plug them back in when it comes time to use them, automating your outlets gives you control over the energy consumption of your appliances.

Monitor the energy your appliances use in real time.

The solutions for eliminating your appliances’ excess energy consumption are very straightforward. For example, many systems have discreet little devices that go between the outlet and your appliance’s plug and allow you to turn on or off the power to your appliance by controlling them via an app on your phone. These devices offer increased safety in addition to saving you energy and money.


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