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How to Save a Life

By Nina
First, let me just say that I do not have the definitive answer to how to save a life. Frankly, actually saving lives is up to God, not me. Rather, I'm talking about protecting someone from self-injury or suicide. What I offer you below are simply strategies that have worked for me and for people I know. The first list will be for those of you suffering from depression, self-injury, and suicidal temptations, just like me. A second list will be for those of you who, also like me, want to help other people through rough times.
Have anything to add to either of the lists? Leave it in the comments!
Protecting Yourself
  • Call someone you trust
  • Throw pillows at the wall
  • Rip up paper
  • Squeeze a pillow/stuffed animal as hard as you can
  • Hold a piece of ice in your fist until the urge goes away
  • Do jumping jacks
  • Write down how you're feeling
  • Meditate
  • Pray/Read Scripture

Protecting Someone You Love
  • Say encouraging things that you can back up with evidence (eg - Things get better and here's how I know)
  • Don't get discouraged when they reject your positive attitude - remember that it's hard to see the light when you're stuck in the dark.
  • Hug them
  • Send them random fun texts/messages
  • Call them - just say something
  • Give them a positive/encouraging song to listen to when they're down
  • Ask to hang out - and DO IT
  • Draw things on their arms/knees/wherever they self-injure
  • Get them out of the house

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