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How to Prepare for Mexico-U.S. Cross Border Security for Aerospace Cargo

Posted on the 29 January 2013 by Ryderexchange

Mexico’s manufacturing environment is driving a growing aerospace industry south of the U.S. border with financial incentives, a highly skilled and low-cost labor force, and proximity to border crossings. However, this positive business climate comes with a host of security challenges in keeping this sensitive cargo safe.

Prepared logistics professionals in the aerospace industry understand the potential security risks to cross border security—theft, diversion, product exposure, counterfeiting—and they understand how to address these security challenges.

Secure Border Crossing: A Layered Approach

An effective security program is a multi-faceted, layered approach to safety. That means companies not only need robust technology, but also a highly trained staff and well executed operation. There is not a single solution to address cross border security. Advanced security equipment is worthless, if companies are not going to have a solid secure environment in which it can operate. Employees must not become lackadaisical about security and should constantly maintain attention to detail.

Following are some best practices to consider when facing the security challenges in your Mexico cross border supply chain:

  • Equipment, trucks, and trailers which are well maintained to avoid potential breakdowns.
  • Drivers who are screened, highly trained, and well rested.
  • Tracking technology including GPS.
  • Mobile communication for open lines of communication between transportation management and drivers.
  • Monitoring and reporting of ETAs.
  • Visibility to in-transit inventory at the part level to provide flexibility and make real-time adjustments.
  • Proper documentation and electronic filings to avoid border delays and product exposure, including pre-notifications to customs officials prior to border crossing.
  • C-TPAT certification and FAST participation to provide clearance and expedite border crossings.

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The Right Investment

Security is one of the largest concerns the aerospace industry has at the moment about operating in Mexico. Your security investment in your Mexico operation will be as much, or more, than in the U.S. How you choose to spend this investment can make all the difference in keeping your products secure.

To learn more about Mexico-U.S. cross border security management for aerospace companies, watch this video.

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