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How to Plan Your Family’s Next Cruise

By Swimsuitsdirect @Swimsuitsdirect

A family cruise is a fantastic way for all involved to experience fun and relaxation. Sadly, many who are contemplating such a trip get mired in how to plan a cruise and never actually step foot on a magnificent cruise ship. The following steps are sure to help those interested in a cruise vacation to stop planning and start cruising!

Decide Who will Be Cruising

Family can be defined so many ways today. Traditional or not, any family members are bound to have a stellar time on a cruise ship. Some people are overcome with worries of taking small children on a cruise.

Many cruise lines offer kid’s clubs that specialize in crafts, puppet shows and volcano building. These are run by cruise ship employees who have undergone stringent background checks in order to ensure that your children will be in good hands as they play, explore the ship, and even learn a little about the ocean. Security is always to top priority in cruise line kid clubs, meaning that only select individuals are allowed to check children in and out of the activities.

Deciding who will be coming with you on a family cruise is a great first step toward a dream vacation!

What Temperature is Your Dream Vacation

For most families, there are three standard cruise options. The first has little to do with temperature, and more to do with sightseeing. The European cruise opportunities are vast, and many families enjoy the ability to ‘see the world’ from a cruise ship. These types of cruises typically run year round and can be either warm or cool, depending on the season.

The second typical cruise option for families is only available from May to September. Even in the heat of summer, it can often be a bit chilly on the decks of these ships as they tour the icebergs and fjords of Alaska. Many families return for an Alaskan cruise year after year, entranced by the black water and stunningly majestic mountains that seem to reach the sky.

The third, and most popular type of family cruise heads south to a warm weather location. Whether your cruise ship is headed to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, or into the warm waters of Mexico, it is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. On these cruises, shipboard swimming pools, slides and ropes courses entertain passengers as the ship makes its way to and from ports of call.

What Types of Onshore Activities Interest You

Once you have decided the number of family members that will be cruising with you, and the type of cruise you will be taking, it will be time to look at ports of call and the activities that are available. The selection is sometimes so large that it is helpful to visit websites where you can read reviews of other cruisers who have already been on the excursions you are interested in. Some of the activities that are available as cruise excursions include sightseeing, taking a helicopter ride over a glacier, running a sled dog race, swimming with dolphins, and scuba diving to the ocean floor. By reading reviews beforehand, you are sure to find activities you will enjoy.

What Should You Pack

With all of the planning out of the way, it will be time to start a packing list. This type of list can help to ensure that you do not leave any critical items at home. Make sure to pack 1 bathing suit for every two days you will be on the cruise ship. Bikinis are often a dream vacation must as ladies work to perfect a vacation tan. Make sure to bring a few cover ups as well – either for strolling around the ship, or to wear over your suit on shore excursion days. Add in some evening wear, and several pair of shoes, and you’ll be all set for your family cruise!

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