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How to Pick the Perfect Pushchair – 5 Important Features to Consider

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Buying a pushchair for your baby is one of those purchases that it really helps to get right first time. All babies are different, all parents How to Pick the Perfect Pushchair – 5 Important Features to Considerare different and all lifestyles are different, so just because a particular pushchair is recommended as perfect by someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be perfect for you and your baby. Matters aren’t made any easier by the sheer variety of pushchairs available nowadays, all of them with their own good points and unique features. The ideal pushchair should meet all of your baby’s requirements whilst fitting in with the lifestyle you lead. To help you pick the perfect pushchair here are five pushchair features that you should consider when deciding which to purchase.

1. Maneuverability.

You’re likely to be using your pushchair day-in day-out so you need to be comfortable that it steers easily and responsively through crowded shopping streets, over grass in the park and through narrow doorways and gates. Is it a struggle to turn the pushchair around quickly if you need to? And how well does it handle steps, stairs and kerbs. Handling your perfect pushchair should be a dream, not a chore.

2. Ease of folding.

The bus is approaching, you’ve got baby in your arms and you need to be able to get on board quickly. The last thing you need is a frustrating fight with your pushchair in order to get it to collapse. If you’re reliant upon public transport your perfect pushchair will fold easily, and preferably require only one hand to transform it into a compact and easily transported item of luggage.

3. Adjustability

The extent to which the various aspects of a pushchair can be adjusted will affect how comfortable it is for the baby to travel in and for you to use. Can you fully recline the seat, reverse the seat and adjust the footrest? Can the height of the pushchair’s handles be adjusted so that it’s comfortable for partners of different heights to use? Id the harness easily adjustable to ensure safety? The more configureable a pushchair is without becoming overcomplicated or unnecessarily fussy, the longer you’ll be able to use it with your baby, adjusting it it in accordance with their needs as they grow.

4. Dimensions

Chances are you’re going to be lifting your pushchair in and out of the car, up and down stairs and onto and off buses and trains. Unless you want to end up with arms like Popeye’s you need to choose a pushchair that it no heavier than you’re easily able to lift; in fact the more lightweight the pushchair the easier it’s going to be to manage. A pushchair can be lightweight without compromising on strength or build quality so your perfect pushchair should combine these qualities. Size matters too; how much of a household obstacle is your pushchair likely to be if left unfolded in the hall or living room? Can it be stowed away somewhere comfortably when not in use? Does it need to be so large that it takes up most of a pavement? Again, it’s a case of choosing a pushchair of the dimensions that are best both for the baby and for the user.

5. Brakes

Your perfect pushchair’s brake should be easy to apply regardless of footwear, secure, accessible and positioned such that it cannot be accidentally knocked and engaged by, for example, a curb or car door. Some pushchairs feature individual locking pedals on each of the rear wheels whilst others have a single bar which clicks into place locking both rear wheels simultaneously – choose whichever system works best for you.

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