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How To || Money Saving Tips

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo Shimmers,
Some of you may know, if you have read some of my posts this year, that I have been applying to university.
My mom and dad have agreed to pays halls (the flats students live in) but I will have to pay for food and clothing etc. This means a lot of saving up is needed!
I have a job and get around £25 a week depending on the shifts I do and I get a £60 allowance (from the child benefit/tax/ allowance thingy?!). I am still living with my parents, but I buy my own clothes, makeup, face wash, moisturiser and all that jazz myself hence the allowance.
This year I really have to start saving and I intend to save all the money I get from work plus at least £10 from my allowance each month.
It can be difficult saving; usually I spend all the money I have! I thought it would be good if I shared my money saving tips and you could share yours.
How To || Money Saving Tips1. Buy What's Needed Not Wanted
Most shops I go into I'm like ooooh I want that and this and that would be lovely, but I don't actually need them. Try and only buy what you need and every so often maybe once every couple of months treat yourself. Everybody wants something, and I am sure you would be able to find something just as good for free; like friends and family. A good movie night in with you chums can be just as good as buying a new dress...well nearly!
2. Piggy Banks
All my money is on a debit card so what I do is I take the wages out in cash and the £10 and putting it in my little piggy bank. it one of the ones that you have to smash to get the money out, I'm using it because then I can't get the money out and so I can't spend it, I can only spend what's on my card. Hence credit cards are not good if you are trying to save.
3. Deals and Offers
Search around find the places that sell what ever you need at the lowest price. Whether its poundland's makeup remover or superdrugs foundation we always like a good bargain! Also take advantage of things like No.7 vouchers for £5, even if you maybe don't but there makeup wipes since you have a voucher you could buy them instead.
4. Set Goals
My goal is for £500 by September. If you set a target you have something to aim for, rather than just saying I'm going to save money. How much money? I don't think I would get very much achieved if I didn't have targets, it's the same with long weight!
5. Do extra.
Whether you can get extra shifts, host a bake-sale, a car wash or something along those lines would help to raise just that little bit extra and get you swiftly on your way to your target.
There we have it my money saving tips! I'm not an expert or that, I'm just telling you how I am saving my money and maybe it will help you save yours.
Happy saving and please share your money saving tips :)
Laura x

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