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How to Modernise Your Bedroom

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

We spend more than a third of our lives in bed, so it's hugely important that the room we sleep in is one that is cosy, welcoming, and promotes relaxation.

If your bedroom is lacking character or feels a bit dated, perhaps it's time to give it an overhaul. In just a few small changes you could transform your boudoir into a stylish, tranquil, modern space that you'll find difficult to leave. Not sure how? Read on to find out...

Get your Paintbrush

Adding a new splash of paint is such a great, inexpensive way to modernise a room. It's best to stick to one shade and you should consider whether you want to paint the ceiling, trim and floors, too.

Colour has a huge impact on our mood, so it's important to carefully consider the shade you want to go for. Red is associated with passion and energy, so is best kept to entertaining spaces. The colour of a sunset, orange is actually a perfect option for a bedroom in order to help you feel calm. Yellow's associations with the sun mean it is stimulating, so not one for the bedroom, while green's connotations with nature make it a perfect choice for a restful, calming space.

Reduce Clutter

Research has found that a cluttered bedroom is directly connected to poor sleep, so it's important to take the time to clear away your junk and carefully plan some clever storage solutions. Fitted wardrobes will not only provide ample space to hide away your belongings but will also give your bedroom a clean, sleek feel.

Update your Bedding

It's best to keep your bedding simple. New, crisp, white bedding is hard to beat - it will instantly update your boudoir, making it feel clean and elegant. You can then layer this with other tones and textures by carefully choosing an array of cushions, throws and quilts that will add texture, pattern and colour.

Inject a bit of Luxury

There are so many small touches you can do that will bring a bit of luxury to your bedroom. Overfilling your pillows and cushions to give them extra volume will create a hotel room feel, while different textures around the space add interest and cosiness. Lighting at different heights will create the perfect ambience and green plants galore will immerse you in the calm of nature.

Add Personal Touches

Your bedroom is the perfect place to display photos. Invest in new frames and carefully choose the snaps that will complement your aesthetic. Show off objects that have meaning, perhaps items that have sentimental value or trinkets you've collected on your travels. Choose a beautiful, dainty dish to hold your jewellery and invest in a new vase for displaying flowers. You can never have too many candles in a bedroom and why not finish it all off with some statement artwork? This will all add a much-needed personal touch.

Don't Scrimp on the Details

It's often the finishing touches that get neglected - but they can make all the difference. New, high-quality curtains and luxurious throws both and cushions will complete your calming oasis. Choose appropriate light fittings and ensure you can create a cosy atmosphere with lamps. The right rug will help it all come together at the end.

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