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How To Make Your Post Most Shared On Roposo?

Posted on the 20 April 2016 by Makably

Roposo is like the Facebook of fashion. If you get popular enough, who knows – it might pave way for opportunities in the fashion industry. This post will help you in making posts which will not just get you likes but also a hell lot of shares. So you better start taking notes!

Make Post Shared On Roposo

A post without a picture is like making curry with no spices

This is rule numero uno:-No matter what post you put up, make sure there is a picture. Even if the content is pretty good, the chances of it getting shared are pretty minimal if there is no picture. Instead of putting up just any picture, select one which best compliments your post. Getting this alone right will increase the “feel-good” factor of your post. As we all know, one image speaks thousand words and the more apt it is to the context, more will be the appreciation received.

The surprise element
It doesn’t  matter what post you put up, if you are able to surprise people and tempt them into knowing more; or just evoke that curiosity within them, almost half the job is done. The point is that people love to share surprising facts and would want their friends and relatives to get surprised as well – especially through them. It is obviously not that easy to include that surprise element into your post, but pulling this one off will surely boost the chances of it getting shared.

Leverage a fashion trend
Fashion as we all know it is all about the changing trends. Yesterday’s pink is today’s red and today’s red is tomorrow’s purple. To use the current trend as leverage is one of the best ways to get people’s attention. Even normal topics will receive huge amounts of interests and reposts just because of the time it was posted in. So make sure you are up to date on today’s fashion trends and make posts which are very relevant to this trend, whether it’s the latest hairstyles for long hair, or some secret shopping tips.

Try to inspire people with your post
Fashion is all about image. To know that you are fashionable is one of the best compliments someone can get. So if you can weave a post which people can relate to and at the same time inspire people into becoming a fashionista, you have a very good chance of getting lot of likes and reposts. Even if the content is not fashion related, if the motivation factor is there, it will surely gain popularity simply because we live in a world where most of the people are unsure of themselves and require constant motivation to stay up.

Hire adorable babies and puppies as your fashion model
A major chunk of highly shared posts have something to do with either a baby, a puppy or some cute animal friend. The point is, these are pictures with a red hot “cuteness” factor. Even if the post is retrograde, it might get shared just because how adorable it is. If pink bandana is the current thing to get, posting your 3 year old cousin in a pinkish bandana would do the trick if you can get him in the right mood. If he is never in the mood, go to the pet store – buy the cutest kitten or puppy in town and start improvising.

The controversial post
This might not always work, there is a very good chance that it might even back fire. The agenda of this post is to put up something which has the potential to become controversial in such a way that there are many who can relate to it, and would even support it. It is not every day you can come up with such posts especially in the fashion industry. For example, if a highly rated fashion model recently got into jail for money laundering, you could put up a post saying that you still believe in this person and that he or she was wrongly framed. You could even cook up some fake evidence to prove your post. If this model already has a cult following, your post is bound to get a sizeable amount of shares.

Pretend to be a fitness guru with a lot of health tips
Everyone on Roposo will be into fashion in some way. You can also bet that more than half of them will look like a human sized potato. Leverage that. Do some research in Google and you will get tons of diet tips and health related pointers. Get a few interesting ones, find a very good image to compliment it and you have just cooked a very simple yet powerful post that is very healthy for your online presence in Roposo.

Now, shift to being the ultimate love guru!
Now that your done feeding the people with out-of-shape bodies, it is time to tend to the heart broken ones, or the ones will be heart broken in the near future! Either way, do the same gig – research your ass off in Google, get some kick ass images and give advice on how fashion could land them a date or what type of colours will help them out on a date or even something crunchy like – “The dress which thousands of men rated irresistible!”

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