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How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Uniform with Appliances

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

Minimalist, contemporary, farmhouse-no matter what your preferred kitchen style, it deserves to be put on full display. Your choice of kitchen appliances can easily make or break the uniformity of your kitchen whether it's for your personal style or you want to sell your home, which is why choosing the right appliances for your home before you remodel your kitchen is absolutely essential to achieving the desired results.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Uniform with Appliances

When your kitchen style is uniform, it instantly looks warmer and more inviting to your guests. More importantly, it displays your personality while boosting your culinary performance.

With that in mind, let's explore how you can create a more cohesive kitchen style with your kitchen appliances.

    Buy Kitchen Appliances in the Same Finish and Color

A simple way to achieve uniformity in your kitchen is by choosing kitchen appliances with the same finish and color. Home appliances now come in a variety of finishes-from popular and timeless stainless steel to trendy, rose gold tones-as well as an endless array of colors such as black, white, and slate gray.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Uniform with Appliances

If you're only replacing one or two kitchen appliances for your remodel, be sure to choose the same color and finish as your existing appliances. However, if you're choosing all-new kitchen appliances, you're in a prime position to take advantage of kitchen appliance packages that effortlessly complement one another and guarantee a cohesive look.

    Choose a Finish That Blends with Your Kitchen

Before you run out and buy all-new kitchen appliances, you'll first want to consider your existing kitchen style. Which finish and color will look best with your kitchen cabinetry?

Although black appliances can give your home a futuristic vibe, they can clash with white cabinetry and unintentionally become the focal point of the room. Similarly, white appliances can clash with darker cabinets and work best when paired with lighter stains and colors.

If you can't decide which finish to go with, you really can't go wrong with stainless steel. Many people choose stainless steel kitchen appliances for their kitchen remodel because they work with practically every existing kitchen style.

    Pick a Kitchen Style and Stick with It

Don't forget to keep your kitchens style in mind as you browse kitchen appliances. If you're going for-let's say-a farmhouse kitchen design, both your décor and kitchen appliances should reflect that.

For example, farmhouse style is full of woodsy elements, rustic cookware, and a traditional farmhouse sink characterized by its deep basin and slight undermount from the countertops. Choosing kitchen appliances that are too futuristic-looking can throw off the uniformity of the area and ruin the rustic vibe of your farmhouse kitchen.

Often found in luxury kitchens, panel-ready kitchen appliances are one of the most effective methods of camouflaging your appliances and achieving a clean, uniform look in your kitchen. "Panel-ready" simply refers to integrated appliances that feature a custom panel on the front of the unit.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Uniform with Appliances

The custom panel is designed to perfectly match that of your kitchen cabinetry. Hands down, the two most popular candidates for custom panels are refrigerators and dishwashers.

However, custom panels are notoriously expensive, which is why most kitchens don't have them. If you go the custom route, be sure to pick an experienced contractor to install your custom panels.

    Choose Appliances with a Built-In Look

If custom panels don't fit into your remodeling budget, there are other ways to create a seamless, uniform look in your kitchen. For example, consider choosing the following kitchen appliances:

  • Slide-In Range. Unlike a free-standing range, a slide-in range is designed to slide between two cabinets for a clean, modern look.
  • Counter-Depth Refrigerator. A counter-depth refrigerator will sit nearly flush with your cabinetry. Standard refrigerators protrude from your countertops, which can disrupt kitchen flow and ruin the aesthetic of the kitchen.
  • Fully Integrated Dishwasher. If you're choosing between a semi-integrated or fully integrated dishwasher, consider going with a fully integrated model. A fully integrated dishwasher conceals the entire control panel.

While they may not necessarily blend into your kitchen cabinetry like custom panel appliances do, these appliances can help create a more uniform look by sitting flush with your cabinets. Plus, they're far less expensive than true built-in appliances.

The Perfect Balance of Function and Style

Kitchen appliances are an essential component of any kitchen. That being said, most of us don't want them to be the focal point in one of the hardest-working areas in our home. With these tips and tricks, you can use your appliances to finally achieve a cohesive look in your kitchen.

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