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How To Make Rental Living Less Stressful

Posted on the 21 May 2015 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
How To Make Rental Living Less Stressful

Not everyone can afford their own home, and even those that can don’t always want the responsibility that comes with home ownership. Those that rent their places of residence have the ease of calling their landlord when something goes wrong, and no out-of-pocket if it wasn’t their fault.

Just that simple fact is enough to make rental living less stressful than owning your own home. However, you do still have stress to deal with. Here are three things you can do to help be less stressed in your rental home or apartment, so that you can enjoy your freedom!

Keep A Budget

Keeping a budget allows you to ensure that rent and all of your utility bills are paid in time. This way you don’t have to worry about shut-off notices or coming home to an eviction notice on your door. Budget in all of your important expenses first- that means rent, utilities, food, car payments, insurance. Then add the more fun and frivolous things- like new clothes, getting your hair done and going to the club.

Follow your budget, no matter how tempting that shoe sale is. Spending outside your budget will just lead to stress and debt.

Keep Track Of Issues

According to Green residential, experts in rental properties, one of the top five complaints by tenants to their landlords is about plumbing or appliance issues. To help take some of the stress out of your life, like waiting for the landlord to send someone to fix the fridge before all of your food spoils, make sure you are taking good care of your home and it’s appliances.

You may not own the stuff, but it will last longer if you treat it that way. Plus, that maintenance person works for your whole complex and may take a day or two to get to you when something does go wrong. Why not work towards prevention?

When something does break down, keep a log. Track what happened, if there was any damage in the home/apartment, how long it took to get it fixed, etc. This information may  help you when it comes time to move out in case there is any confusion about your deposit and damages to the place.

Respect Your Neighbors

Hopefully “do unto others� will work in your little rental world. If you are a nice, quiet and friendly neighbor you may be more likely to attract the same. If you have a rowdy neighbor and approaching them yourself has done no good then going to the landlord is a must. Chances are that if they are annoying you, they are also annoying some other neighbors.

Don’t fight back, though. If their music is loud, don’t challenge them by turning yours up. You’ll just end up being the one that gets the noise complaint. Here’s a good article on how to deal with noisy neighbors.

As you can see, while rental life isn’t always ideal and does come with its own issues, it can lead to a less stressed life.

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