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How to Make Panini Without a Panini Press

By Dreamcreate @THEdreamcreate

Most recipes often call for specific cookware for the best results, however as things grow every day, creativity often takes the day. That’s the case with Panini because today, you can still have your sizzling homemade pieces even if you don’t have a Panini press.

If you have any heavy cookware, whether modern or ancient, bring it out because it will get the pressing for you. Here’s a detailed breakdown on how to make Panini without Panini press:

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Tips on How to Choose the Best Cookware or Appliance to Use

How to Make Panini without a Panini Press

As earlier highlighted, any heavy cookware can replace a Panini press, however the item you choose to use also depends on the fillings you’ll be assembling. Here’re a few tips to guide you:

  • Option 1: Skillet, Frying Pan or Sauté Pan

All these go well with sliced bread to be accompanied by fillings which stay in place such as sliced deli meats, sliced or grated cheese, vegetables or bacon. But with this, you’ll need an extra pan or anything weighty to press the Panini down effortlessly.

  • Option 2: Griddle

This works like the first options, so don’t even think about using fillings like shredded meat, crumbled cheese, shrimp or mushrooms. You’ll also have to get yourself something to press the Panini down. A plus here is that flipping the Panini is easier, considering that it has no sides.

  • Option 3: Grill Pan

The fillings to use are similar to those usable on griddle and skillet. However with a grill pan, your Panini will get nice grill marks making the slices more presentable.

  • Option 4: Toaster Oven or Regular oven

This is a more versatile option that goes well with any type of bread and depending on the size of your oven, you can actually make multiple pieces at a go. When it comes to fillings, avoid anything that won’t turn out well when slightly baked. So you can use juicy meats, vegetables or cheese and any other thing that can withstand the amounts of heat released in an oven.

Step-Step Guide on How to Make Panini without Panini Press

The standard procedure for making Panini without a Panini press is narrowed down into 4 simple steps as follows:

  • Preheat

The recipe works well with 2 cast iron skillets so to kick it off, preheat both pans over medium high heat.

  • Assemble

As the preheating is going on, try and save time by assembling the Panini together. This is now easier, especially with the right bread and fillings, which we have already discussed. If you’re planning to make several rounds, you can still assemble them at once, so that once you move to the next step, it gets easier.

  • Cook

With the pans and Panini all set, it’s time to get the cooking started. Grease (using any oil of your preference) one of the pans you’ll be using as the base on the inside, and that you’ll be using when pressing at the bottom. At this point all the pans will be hot, so you can keep your hands safe by using a paper towel to do the oiling.

Place the Panini slices on the bottom skillet, and push it down with the other pre-oiled set. For extra pressure, you can add another heat-safe cookware on top, especially if you’re doing two or more pieces at once.

Let this cook for about 3-4 minutes under medium heat, or until it’s golden and toasty enough to your liking. To get the other side ready, flip the Panini and apply the same pressure until it’s all-done. However if all the pans were hot enough, you won’t even need the flip.

  • Enjoy

When ready, carefully remove the extra weight and set the Panini aside. You can repeat these steps for a couple of rounds if you need to make more and your skillet is a bit smaller. Thereafter, you can enjoy it as a snack or with any accompaniment of your choice.

There you have it, the simplest way to keep the Panini joy going.


One of the downsides of replacing a Panini press with your heavy cookware is that the results might not be as attractive. However, it’s still fast, easy and convenient for those who can’t lay their hands on descent Panini press brands.

When nicely done, you’ll realize that even the taste remains the same, which is definitely a plus. After getting the right skills on how to make Panini without Panini press, you might find no need of investing in a Panini press anyway.

Thx Dreamcreate

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